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Is a small delicate hotel apartment right in the middle of Køge, in absolute walking distance to everything. (It may say more about the size of the venerable market town than it says anything about the location – judge for yourself). Find out for yourself what Køge has to offer or why you want to pay the city a visit. But contact us and we will reluctantly share our local knowledge. There are always well-hidden water holes on the savannah. The holiday apartment is approx. 50 square meters and has first and foremost a large bedroom with space for two in the double bed and an extra on the spectator rows. In addition, we can provide extra bedding. Voila, then Father of Four is on Holiday, chess on outdoor work lodged or the family rehoused … Of course it also requires a kitchen with everything, a dining / living room, a shower / toilet and a patio. And not least WiFi. Lucky – it’s there too.