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Is a holiday home of 124 square meters on two floors, located at Lystbådehavnen in Køge. The holiday apartment is located as one of the middle of twelve terraced houses and in the summer you will experience the intense holiday atmosphere near the beach between ice houses and restaurants. In winter, you can experience the exact opposite mood of abandonment when the wind grabs the fall of the yachts and makes them knock against the masts. (Do not panic, we have of course made an agreement with the port that this should not be the case) A perfect starting point for “Jyderne” who want to show their children what Zealand and Copenhagen are all about: Only 35 minutes by car along a good four-lane highway – to Tivoli , to The Blue Planet, to Nyhavn, to inexhaustible quantities of Michelin restaurants, ordinary good restaurants and to exotic dining experiences from all over the world, to the bridge districts where the gangs shoot at each other daily.

Or how about a historical trip from the Stone Age over the Bronze and Iron Ages to the Viking Age in the legendary land of Lejre, to end in Roskilde in the heyday of the Viking Age? Or even further back in time when the dinosaurs lived on the cliffs of Stevns and Møn.
Maybe a trip to the forest tower at Haslev and a visit to Villa Gallina followed by Bon-Bon land in Næstved? Or north to the Louisiana Museum of Art? The possibilities are many.

The holiday home has on the ground floor two rooms, each with its own exit to the north-facing terrace and both with two beds that can either stand as a double bed, but best as single beds. In addition, toilet / bathroom, and large well-appointed kitchen with space for eight at the table. The first floor has a large room with private bath / toilet, washing machine and tumbler and large living room with its own south-facing porch overlooking the marina.

And did I mention…The cottage is only 200 m from a fantastic child-friendly sandy beach!